“Tofusan, freshly-made soy milk pure from chemical or any other artificial additives”

Tofusan” is organic soy milk. We adopt the traditional technique in our proprietary production process where we use 100% organic soy milk freshly squeezed from the highest-quality non-GMO soybeans which yield exceptionally high protein content.  Plus, we also add a fresh tofu sheet to increase the protein content in our soy milk. We have developed a process that does not cause the tofu sheet to melt when heated and keeps our soy milk fresh for a long time without preservatives. “Tofusan” does NOT add oil, milk powder, or any artificial preservatives used in other mass-produced soy milk.

Tofusan” is very selective when it comes to choices of quality, and we select only the best-in-class ingredients for our product.  We source high-quality extra-large soybeans from organic plantations both in Thailand and overseas that yield exceptionally high protein content. Other natural ingredients are no exception in terms of quality excellence, ranging from fresh tofu skins that provide high protein, natural syrup from bananas, natural cane sugar or toasted white and black sesame seeds which are rich in calcium. 

Tofusan” is freshly-made and can be consumed hot or cold to the liking of our customers. Our product is certified by the world’s leading food organizations and in strict compliance to global quality standards and accreditation. With Tofusan, our customers can be rest assured of the superior quality and health benefits while enjoying the delicate blend of aromatic taste in delicious soy milk.