Our Story

“High quality doesn’t always equate to high price”

We have heard stories where F&B factory owners decide to – consciously or unconsciously – compromise their product quality with lower production costs and even avoid consuming their own products because of quality concerns.  Alas, this is sad, but unfortunate choice chosen by several entrepreneurs who wilt under market pressure and fail their own aspirations. From the get-go, we are clear and resolute in our philosophy that we will be different – we are 100% committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, developing the best healthy products rich in nutritional value and taste, and treating our customers like a family of our own.  We aspire not only to always offer healthy products to our customers in Thailand and overseas, but also to be a force for good in our society for years to come.   

Through close collaboration and research support from the National Innovation Agency and numerous food specialists, we spent years in the lab searching for not just the perfect recipe but also the proprietary production technique that can help our soy milk deliver a traditional taste and aroma with long product shelf-life while preserving all nutritional values. Our customers can be assured of our product quality and strict compliance with global quality standards and accreditation.

“Tofusan” delivers everything we asked of ourselves when we first set out on this journey – a soy milk product with supreme nutritional values, authentic traditional taste, and at an affordable price for our customers.  We proudly offer to be a unique proposition for customers of all ages, and we just hope to persuade some, if not all, to join us on this healthy journey together.  Having now become the leading pasteurized soy milk brand in Thailand, we are proud that “Tofusan” has set the standard for not just ourselves, but also for our industry that, once the 100% focus is clearly on product quality and benefit of our customers, ‘high quality doesn’t always equate to high price’.  

Product Philosophy

Because everyone.. is an important person we care about.

We “care” about farmers: “Tofusan” uses organic raw materials with no contamination of any chemical substance. It is beneficial and friendly to our farmers, our customers and our world.

We “care” about customers: We put our thoughts and – more importantly – our hearts into every single detail of our products.  We select only high-quality soybeans brimming with high protein content and nutritional value. Our 100% freshly squeezed production process delivers the authentic taste and aroma of our soy. “Tofusan” does NOT add oil, milk powder, or any artificial preservatives used in other mass-produced soy milk.

We “care” about our team: We embark on this journey together as a family.  We share a strong passion for developing quality, healthy products and delivering happiness to our customers. Honest, constructive feedbacks from our customers keep our team happy and energized to keep going on this journey and being another positive influence on our society.

Tofusan Milestone

Established Tofusan, with the initial primary focus on R&D to develop the highest quality product
Released the company's first product – "Tofusan Soy Milk with Tofu Sheet"
Set up our own factory for the first time
Moved to our second factory with larger facilities
Became the leader in pasteurized soy milk market with over 50% market share
Moved to our third factory to fulfill ever-growing demand

Moved to our fourth and current factory with approx. area of 25,000 sq.m. well-equipped with advanced technology to process a wide range of products: chilled & ambient; dairy & non-dairy; pasteurized & UHT 

Disney Partnership: we are the only soy milk producer in Southeast Asia and China which is qualified by The Walt Disney’s world-class F&B standards
Reached a new height with a launch of new UHT product, while continuing to strengthen our leadership in Thailand’s pasteurized soy milk market with more than 80% market share
New Product Release: High Protein (No Sugar added) – Plant-Based Protein
Launched a new product, High Protein (No Sugar added) with Dark Chocolate Flavor
Market Leader for Plant-Based Protein RTD